Based in Dublin since 2020,

iNNUENDO are preparing to unleash a world of sonic colour unto the capital. Through their inventive songwriting and relentless drive, iNNUENDO's creative input strikes a chord against the stark landscape of the Irish music scene.  Fronted by Nora Ronan on vocals and keys, they deliver a fresh and tantalizing atmosphere through their melodically compelling and distinct original songs, while still paying homage to the classics and vintage niches.


iNNUENDO's debut single is an ode to the quietly expressed feeling of the phenomenon that is unrequited love, along with bitter-sweet realisations about appreciating one's own company and some jabs at those who have dismissed us in the past. Written in the midst of winter with just a piano to aid composition, it came from the heart of each of us, who wanted to put words and music to narrate this universally experienced annoyance. 


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