Dublin art-rock band iNNUENDO are striving to unleash a world of sonic colour unto the capital. Through their inventive songwriting and relentless drive, iNNUENDO's creative input strikes a chord against the identikit nondescript offerings within the Irish music scene. 

Taking inspiration from the sounds of the alt and art-rock scene of the late 20th century, as well as the softer sides of indie and pop-rock, their music is injected with a modern feel and contagious energy rooted in their popular live sets. Currently recording their debut EP, while working with TILT as part of their development deal, a lot of work is underway to perfect and distribute their unique sound. 

They always aim to deliver a fresh and animated atmosphere through their melodically compelling and distinct original songs, while still paying homage to the classics and vintage niches. Since their formation, they have played numerous packed-out and successful gigs around the musical hotspots of Ireland, frequenting Whelan's, The Roisín Dubh, The Workmans Club and The Grand Social.


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